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Traffic Exchanges

Top manual traffic exchanges can be highly effective for anyone blogging, building a list, or promoting affiliate programs online.  However – be sure to avoid the “trap” of endlessly surfing for pennies, prizes, or credits!  Savvy surfers focus on promoting a) a squeeze or other form of capture page, recommending traffic (and downline building) resources in the follow-up.  If you are brand new to the TE world, be sure to focus on the sites marked Tier 1 for best results.  Enjoy!

Largest TE Online! EasyHits4U

Long the leader in traffic exchanges, the well-established EasyHits4U now boasts over a million members, and continues to deliver quality, geo-targeted website visitors daily.  Huge audience, bonuses for activity, and more!  6 levels of downline benefits.

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Over 100k Strong! Tezzers (from Tony Tezak)

After 10 years as one of the most successful TE surfers ever, Tony Tezak opened his own exchange, and has since been making his mark. Now running on the LFM exchange script, the site still produces subscribers for me.

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Fun & Games! SocialSurf4U (from Barry Langdon)

Highly respected owner and developer Barry Langdon continues to set a higher standard with his flagship exchange!  Packed with custom features, an active audience, and plenty of ways to promote your affiliate offers.  Highly recommended.

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The Bigger List of Traffic Exchanges

If you're keen to surf (and advertise) even more in your day, be sure to check out the lists of traffic exchanges below. The rankings are definitely not official in any way, however you will find these traffic sites (and many of the owners) to be some of the best in the incentivized click business.

Click to Learn More About This List

Click to Learn More About This List

Wow! You surf a lot of traffic exchanges…

Actually, I don't.  At many I have referrals that generate free traffic, and at others I primarily use banner ads only.  The lists below are prioritized with relevance to my advertising – the 1st tier work best for me!

  • Tier: relative importance to my traffic funnel (1 is best)
  • Exchange: list of linked exchanges (my referral links included)
  • Associations: personalities and/or companies related to each site
  • ++++ click these to view extended profiles on this blog

Have fun!

  • Current Top 10 TEs
  • Next Ten
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1SocialSurf4UBarry Langdon
1TezzersTony Tezak
1Traffic Ad Bar
2Hungry for HitsKlara Schmidtz
2Infinity Traffic Boost
2Leads Leap
2Traffic SplashPaul Kinder
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