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Tools and Resources for Affiliates

Here are some of the tools I'm using to power this website and affiliate ad campaigns.

Email Marketing Automation

Autoresponders, landing pages, forms – the juice behind your list. Essential.

  • GetResponse is the primary engine for my email/list/affiliate marketing.
  • I also like MailChimp as an equally user-friendly alternative

Domains & Website Hosting

A million blogs exist to debate the issue of which host to use for your WordPress blog.  I'll simply list the ones I use and recommend.

  • Insty – used to power this blog; a service made for online affiliates
  • Bluehost – great for beginner bloggers or experienced pros
  • GoDaddy – my spot for shopping & selling domains

Managing Links & Stats

I'm no numbers junkie, but I do like to keep things organized.  Here's a couple of the services I use to manage links both on this blog and out in the affiliate advertising world.

  • PrettyLinksPro handles both link-tracking and my affiliate link organization.
  • Trckme is used for banner rotation and safelist advertising
  • HitsConnect is another great alternative (new WP pluging too!)

Payment Processors & Wallets

You'll certainly want to do your due diligence before choosing how to handle your own online income.  Below you'll find a list of a few popular services I use for payments.

  • CoinBase – my wallet of choice for major cryptocurrencies
  • CoinPayments – more for affiliate advertising sites
  • Coinpot – microwallet for free crypto (faucets)
  • TransferWise – new to me, recent addition
  • Paypal – lots of use (but not for traffic sites, fyi)

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