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Here's the tools we use to do the affiliate things…

Email Marketing

You've heard it before – the money is in the list. Well, in order to have a successful list, you're going to need a proper email marketing service. Learn more abiout why we use the provider(s) that we do, and how to get your own list up and running quickly.

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Domains & Hosting:

We know plenty of affiliates that have built successful lists without a blog or website, however you know we're huge fans of blogging.  Having a good “home base” online is great for building reputation, not to mention you can create content that generates subscribers for years to come.  Find out why we use Insty.me for hosting, and how we manage domains.

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Link Management

You can really only tweak what you can measure, so be sure to use smart strategies from the start with your advertsing and blogging campaigns. Discover which tracking options we use, and why you should be using coordinated links in your efforts.

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Payments & Processors

The end goal for most affiliates/marketers/bloggers is usually making money, thus actually receiving payments safely & securely should be a priority. Read on to see which wallets work for us in day-to-day business online. Plus, you'll find a few tips for keeping your hard-earned money in your hands!

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