Sammy Kolijn Launches List Compass

Welcome back to the land of affiliate marketing, my friends!  It's been a month or two since the last post around here, so with a fresh start I thought I'd include the launch of a fresh advertising resource for you.  “The Traffic Twins” Kenny & Sammy Kolijn are at it again, this time with Sammy's launch of his new List Compass mailer.  As expected, the launch hype drew in over 400 members in the first day or so, so I'm sure we'll see this one in rotation and growing for some time to come.

What is List Compass?  Simply put, an advertising website with the Internet Marketing (IM) affiliate in mind.  You earn credits by reading emails from other marketers, and in turn get to send your email ad to the same list of members.  Sounds futile, right?  Not exactly – think of it as selling shovels to miners, as the old adage says.  While most marketers chase the golden “programs”, you can find new subscribers if you're content relates to better methods and tools for the “how” of internet marketing.

I know, simple – right?

List Compass Banner

Practice makes perfect, so give it a go if you have a list, blog, or other affiliate offer to promote.  If you've never used a mailer, take advantage of this one to check the out this particular advertising method for yourself.  Be genuine in your offer, ideally promote a lead magnet for your list, and be sure to be consistent in your efforts to advertise (new members join everyday).  The most active time for any mailer is right after launch, so the best time to use List Compass is right now.

Have fun, and good luck!

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