New Cointivity and Coinpot Challenges

If you're a fan of claiming free cryptocurrency (and referring others to do so), then be sure to check out the latest developments at Cointiply and Coinpot.  Both sites have recently added activity-driven rewards, resulting in more opportunities for you to make a little more money on the side.  The best part is, it's free money, right?

Cointiply – one of the more popular BTC faucets – has added Cointivity, their program for rewarding users for reaching milestone achievements.  I've just noticed the updated dashboard and options today, so it's a little early to report on how it might impact my token earnings each day.  For the unfamiliar, Cointiply lets you claim from the facuet each hour, click PTC ads when available, and also earn the internal tokens by watching ads and wagering in their unique game.  Tokens convert to BTC for cashout, numerous wallets accepted for receiving.

Click the fancy banner below to claim a free account:

Cointiply 728 Banner

Have fun increasing your Cointivity!

Coinpot – the core microwallet for 7 popular faucets – has just added an extensive addition to their internal token program.  The all-new Challenges are measured daily, weekly, monthly and more, and all pay in tokens that converted to any of several supported coins.  Goals include personal claims, referral claims, lottery draws and more.  The bonuses increase with the difficulty of each challenge, and all pay in tokens that can be converted to real money.  To participate, simply create an account at Coinpot with your email address, then use the same email address to join each faucet.

Click here to create a free Coinpot account

Then click each link below to register quickly for each faucet:

Claim free crypto from all of the faucets each day, build up your loyalty bonus, and refer a few friends.  Read through the Challenges page in Coinpot for more detail of each reward.  Simple, easy, free.


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