Moving Ahead with HTTPS (and more)

Seems we have something that's starting to look like a real blog, eh?  Welcome once again to MB, a new blog project for which there are some pretty ambitious plans.  Of course, great intentions are one thing, the reality of actually getting it done is another!  Things are moving along here, though, including these recent happenings:

  • HTTPS added – hooray for security!  You'll notice the new secure “lock” icon in your browser bar (if you don't let us know please).  The upside is a much more secure website for all of us moving forward.  Downside?  A whole lotta conflicts with the “framed” advertising formats in use with many traffic websites.  Not to worry – there's an alternate plan in the works to divide and conquer…soon.
  • Traffic and Visitors!  Content is still king in the blogosphere, however a few promotional pages don't hurt.  You may have seen a few MB “splash” pages being advertised out there – if so, thanks for clicking through, we appreciate the support!
  • New Pages – lots of New Pages!  You'll notice new links in the menus over the next few days, as we settle in to the long-term workflow here at MB.  Don't hate us for unfinished pages in the meantime – it helps us stay focused on the vision. 😉

There's a whole lot more in store for in the near future, we're hoping you'll stick around to see it happen.  Watch for the option to subscribe to our newsletter very soon.


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