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Claiming free money online is easy – it's multiplying it that requires a little work!  Below you'll find some of the easiest ways to earn small amounts of money with very little effort.  However, if you're just a little bit savvy, you can make a lot more money by becoming an affiliate and promoting these websites using free traffic in your spare time.  Happy clicking, enjoy your free money!

Get Rewarded for Doing…Lots of Things

Timebucks is a favorite of mine – and has been successfully paying me for about two years.  You can click ads, watch videos, take surveys, and do all sorts of other activities to earn money, includng rolling for free money everyday.  You'll also claim commissions on your referral earnings 5 levels deep, which is super-rare in the market these days (but super awesome).  Payments via Paypal, among others.  Definitely recommended!

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Collect Free Cryptocurrency

Making money online with cryptocurrency is certainly where the action is these days, and faucets are a great place to start if it's all new to you. Start with these free & easy faucets that give you free crypto every few minutes. Nothing to buy, just setup a free microwallet then start collecting. Enjoy!

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Earn Swagbucks

One of many similar sites, Swagbucks is a leading favorite among the “Get Paid To (GPT)” crowd online. Packed full of simple polls, signup offers, and plenty of cashback shopping opportunities. They'll start you with a bonus in your account, and pay you to refer your friends of course. Easy & free!

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