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Free money online is easy to find – making a lot of money takes a little more work. On this page you'll find a handful of the easier ways to make a few bucks online, including activities such as viewing ads, taking surveys, and collecting free cryptocurrency, among others.

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Did you know?  Links on this page include my affiliate links.  When you use the sites I recommend, they often pay me commissions (the monetized thing).  Learn more

Method #1 | Complete Surveys & Offers

Join the millions of users online already earning from surveys, offers, and tasks with the quality websites below. Although each site is a bit different, they are all free to use for members from around the world. Simly signup, then browse each site for dozens of ways to earn extra money in your spare time!

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Timebucks is my favorite “side money” site right now:

  • Lots of ways to earn free money
  • Attentive support, updates, and FB presence
  • 5 levels of referrals + prompt weekly payments

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Here's some other websites great for making extra money…

WebsiteEarning OpportunitiesPaymentsAffiliates
TimebucksClick, Do, View, MorePaypal / BitcoinYes (5 Tiers)
SurveySavvySurveys & Focus GroupsCheckYes (2 Tiers)
SwagbucksTasks, Offers, CashbackPaypal / Gift CardsYes
ClixsenseSurveys & TasksCheck (& others)Yes

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#2 | Collect Free Cryptocurrency

Take advantage of free faucets to increase your crpyto cash. Join, claim, then refer others and you can amass more than a few dollars. This method works best when you collect and then see a rise in crypto value on the market – remember when BTC was less than a buck? Use the sites below as reliable sources of free crypto income…

“Fun” Crypto Favorite right now:  Cointiply

Cointiply Banner

Whether you're easing into crypto-coins or already knee-deep, join this hot new faucet straightaway.  I'm recommending it (and signing up referrals) with a focus on the ease of earning.  Roll for free money every hour, try the Multiplier game or view PTC ads to up your earnings (it can add up quickly).   Affilites earn 25% commission from all referral claims – for life.

Pays to FaucetHub or direct to your preferred wallet (different mimimums)

Other reputable sites with Roll/Wager formats, paying direct to your wallet:

  • FreeBitcoin | roll every hour, wager & refer others to earn even more
  • FreeDogecoin | similar format – roll, wager, promote, get paid!

The six faucets below all share the common Coinpot microwallet for payments.  Simply create a free Coinpot account, then use the same email address to collect free crypto at the six faucets here.  You can consolidate to one coin before withdrawal if you like, and get paid in the coin of your choice when you reach the minimum.

FaucetTimerReferral BonusWallet
Bitfun3 mins50%Coinpot
MoonBitcoin5 mins50%Coinpot
MoonCash5 mins25%Coinpot
MoonLitecoin5 mins25%Coinpot
MoonDash5 mins25%Coinpot
MoonDoge5 mins50%Coinpot
Be sure to take advantage of the daily loyalty bonus and referral rewards too!

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#3 | Become an Affiliate

In so many ways the best free money is money that someone else earns for you, right?  Whether you're a casual clicker or aiming to build a monster list and income, becoming an affiliate will be part of the equation.  Most sites that offer to pay you for your activities will also pay you to refer your friends and colleagues.  In fact, you'll likely end up earning much more with just a few active referrals when compared to simply doing surveys, etc alone.  Referring others pays – and it's free!

Some notable affiliate programs to consider…

  • Timebucks | free, 5 levels deep, social, Paypal – fun to promote!
  • GetResponse | professional marketing automation – very easy to recommend
  • JVZoo | recommend affiliate software (great if you have a good list)
  • CodeCanyon | promote plugins, code, more (great for WP bloggers)

Be sure to follow the rules & guidelines for all affiliate programs, and try to recommend the things you actually use when you can – being genuine helps.  That said, I can't teach you to be a great affiliate overnight – but I can recommend some reputable programs (above) on which to focus your efforts. 🙂

Have Fun!