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Claiming free cryptocurrency from faucets is free, and with Coinpot it's pretty convenient, too.  What is Coinpot?  Basically a central micro-wallet for a group of reputable faucets online.  You visit the page (yes, there will be lots of ads), complete the captcha code, and instantly collect small amounts of Bitcoin and alt-coins for very little effort.  Although the amount for each claim may not seem like much, you can easily multiply your earnings many times over by claming daily and referring your friends.

Here's how to get started claiming your free crypto:

    • Signup for a free account with the Coinpot microwallet.  Use the email you use for affiliate stuff, as you will use this email to create your account at each of the free faucets that pay instantly into your Coinpot account.
    • Create a free account at each faucet using your Coinpot email address.  Follow each of the links below to maximize your potential income:
  • Claim Free Cryptocurrency by going to the claim page on each site and completing the captcha (be ready for a redirect, normal with ad portals).  Each site lets you claim again after only a few minutes.  Bookmark them for easy reference!
  • Increase your earnings by claiming each day – several of the faucets offer a daily bonus for sequential days with at least 1 claim
  • Multiply your earnings by referring others – if you've never referred anyone to anything, or just need some fresh sources of potential signups, we can help.  You'll find your affiliate link under the “refer” or “Referrals” tab at each faucet.  Share it socially, or promote it via the free advertising sources on our Traffic page.
  • Collect your coins – once you reach the payout thresholds at Coinpot, simply withdraw your earnings to your preferred crypto wallet.  For crypto-affiliates, Coinpayments can be a good option (handles numerous alt-coins, plus you'll see it as a gateway for payments on a growing number of affiliate traffic sites).

You're likely not going to get rich – although you never know what's going to happen with the value of leading alt-coins ($.06 bitcoin in 2010, huh?).  Collect when you like, put in a little effort to earn more by referring others, and remember to have fun!

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Did you know?  Links on this page include our affiliate links.  When you use things we recommend, we often earn commissions (the whole monetized thing).  Learn more

Pro tip:  if you're using traffic exchange sites, target affiliates that are crypto-minded.  If that's your goal, then both Adfeedz and InfinityTrafficBoost are good places to start.

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